Focused IP Strategy that Aligns with Your Business Needs

  • Only protect what will move your business forward

  • Better protection for what YOU care about

  • Customized to fit your business plan and exit strategy


  • Get Patents faster- proven process to reduce government delay

  • Fast track approvals can be done in 3 months

  • Keep your competitive advantage

  • Manufacture with patent approval sooner

  • Advantage for licensing deals

Flat Rate Fees (no more surprises)

  • Quality with predictable pricing

  • All communications (appointments, calls, emails)  included in flat fee prices

  • Focus your attention on  important business matters-not on your next attorney bill



Protect your inventions and ideas!

Intellectual Property Strategy

Plan your IP strategy!


Protect your business brand, name and logo!

Trade Secrets

Keep your business under raps!


Protect your creative ideas!


Reduce your risks with strong agreements!


Credible and Professional.

Credible, professional and went above and beyond. I reached out via Legal Shield for a referral to a reputable firm who could help me with intellectual property rights for a story and book. Wayne went out of his way to help my family by securing additional professionals to weigh in on the best way possible to handle. His advice provided the pathway for my family to protect our story and ensure our mother's legacy was held in the highest regard. Highly recommend.
Christine Gannon
Very Helpful with Trademark/Copyright Infringement.

Wayne was very helpful with a trademark/copyright infringement issue I had with some of the products we were selling. He did an excellent job, took his time to understand exactly what the issues were, came to my place to understand my business, kept in touch frequently and explained everything along the way. We were facing a major corporation represented by a major law firm. He handled everything well and we were satisfied with the outcome. I highly recommend him and Inspired Idea Solutions for any intellectual property issues you may have. Very intelligent guy.
Ken De Boer
Great Brand Protection.

Wayne has helped me create a great brand by insuring my rights to my ideas are protected. His assistance has been pivotal. He made getting the protection I need easy by mapping out a process and helping me move through the steps in the right order and at the right time for my company. Without his help I would have been far behind the curve.
Jared Pherson
Highly Recommend for Trademarks.

Dan Jack


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